Nuances. Influences. (Full Article on Impose Magazine)

We collect many records belonging to the Disco era and study the great old Italian geniuses such as Giorgio Moroder, Ennio Morricone, Franco Battiato & Franco Falsini. On our first tour we met a lot of interesting people. They made us listen to bands who reminded them of us. A band from Belgium called Antena became the soundtrack to our daily life for a moment. Then, of course all of the African music inspired us. We named our baby girl after Fela. The 70s in Nigeria were the main drag to getting the project started. Slowly we traveled North with our minds and discovered tons of old time eclectic artists from Tunisia, Morocco and Ethiopia. We love when pulsating beats warm our blood. We kept going until we reached the Middle East and India then found our way to the beautiful Vietnamese and Cambodian female singers.

We fell in love with a bunch of Japanese weirdos through the internet. Back in New York, we are still fascinated by the history of the East Village and the Lower East Side.

We feel fortunate to be living down in Flatbush, Brooklyn where there are all different ethnicities living together, exchanging thoughts and rhythms. Excluding the wealthy evil who are trying to put us all against one an other so they can take over.

We believe in magic. You can’t buy magic. Or majesty.