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Transatlantic collaboration between Montreal's Zoë Kiefl and Venice's Nicola Donà.

Dizzyride's full band includes Andrea Dennis, Tomas Cabezon, Andrea Mancin, Olivia Phillip + Gary Olson.

"the perfect blend of retro pulp and ’60s crime film" - Culture Collide
"psychedelic, soulful, and super weird" - Office Magazine
"their sound transforms minimalism, psychedelia, disco and soul music" - CLRVYNT

“soulful, down-tempo tracks drenched in emotions” - Interview Magazine
"a hodgepodge of lo-fi signifiers, a kind of cabinet of sonic curiosities that nevertheless feels cohesive." - Flood Magazine


“A wrong decision is better than indecision.”

- tony soprano


Soulful music has the attractive and relatable qualities of pop but is more weighted. It’s catchy, and glimmering but the content feels more important, even metaphysical. We hope that we can help the genre appear less dated or specifically about a sound, perhaps keeping it alive as a feeling?

Much love,

Z & N


New York, US





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